1-Androsterone – Pack On Extra Muscle Mass Fast

What Is 1-Androsterone?

If your objective is building muscles without any fat, then you may choose to Andrenosterone. As an active prohormone on the market today, this compound is the king of muscle building with little to no side effects. It doesn't take a toll on body organs such as the liver. It can be used alone and still create a fantastic result.

It's popularly trading as 11-OXO designed by ErgoPharm laboratories, but the drug also sells under numerous different proprietary names and brands.

How 1-DHEA Works

With the right dosage, users can take charge of their cortisol and testosterone levels. It will go a long way to help users achieve maximum bulking and burn fat. It is how you will benefit from this compound:

• Boost testosterone levels
• Reduce the production of estrogen
• Control the effects of hormones
• Reduce SHGB
• Restores and maintains the functioning of HPTA

What Makes the Formulae?

The core ingredients of Androsterone include the following:
• Gelatin
• Silica
• Magnesium stearate
• Microcrystalline cellulose and
• Modified cornstarch

How Much Is Adrenosterone Needed?

Here are the options you may consider when purchasing this prohormone:
• 300mg for a cycle of 9 weeks
• 600mg for a cycle of 7 weeks
• 900mg for a cycle of 5 weeks

The larger the dose for 1-Andro, the higher the chances of registering increased results but low doses may produce little to no noticeable results in terms of muscle gains.