4-DHEA: A Magical Muscle Preservation Supplement

​Many people are reportedly suffering from declining bone density and lean muscle, mainly because of diseases such as osteoporosis. The power of the muscles cannot be underestimated, especially in men, since it is what makes one durable. Studies show that on average, mass muscle decline by 3-8% every ten years upon attaining the age of 30 years. Despite the significant role played by physical training and strength training, many people still grapple with this problem. The good news is that 4-DHEA has been designed to help you manage this condition in a way you cannot begin to imagine. Supplementing your resistance training with DHEA is one super way of increasing your levels of steroid hormones, which is responsible for preventing muscle mass wasting.

This product works by converting to dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS), a hormone that mimics human sex hormones. To help put in check the declining levels of serum DHEA due to aging, supplementation of DHEA can go a long way in increasing your metabolism and enzyme activity, especially in the muscles. Also, it inhibits insulin resistance that is essential in preventing obesity. Some people say that whole-body vibration (WBV) when coupled with resistance training and DHEA can help one achieve massive weight gains and reduced belly fat. Studies have shown that people who have combined proper physical exercises, DHEA supplements, and WBV. They have pulled in increased performance, better biomedical profiles, and improved immune response.