What Is Adrenosterone? Real Facts You Never May Have Known

If your objective is building well-defined muscles and eliminating fat at the same time, then you may choose to Adrenosterone. As an active prohormone on the market today, this compound has been touted as the king of muscle building yet with mild side effects if any. It is a non-methylated prohormone that both seasoned and beginner bodybuilders. It can be used to burn fat, gain weight pumps, and defined muscle gains at the lowest risk ever. It is not harsh on body organs such as the liver and can be stacked with other prohormones. It can be used alone and still create the kind of effect you cannot possibly achieve naturally.

The most popular Adrenosterone form is the 11-OXO designed by ErgoPharm laboratories, but the drug also trades under numerous different proprietary names and brands.

How ​Adrenosterone Works

When consumed as per the manufacturer's specifications, and for the period recommended period (cycle), users can report control over the production of cortisol and increased testosterone levels. Besides, users will also achieve a hormonal balance (especially of estrogen hormone) to achieve maximum bulking and burn fat. Here are some additional benefits of 11-OXO:
• Boost testosterone levels
• Reduce the production of estrogen
• Control the effects of hormones
• Reduce SHGB
• Restores and maintains the functioning of HPTA

What Makes the Formula?

The core ingredients of Adrenosterone is Adrenosterone itself. Its purity is what makes the compound relatively pricier compared to its closest rivals. Additional components include the following:
• Gelatin
• Silica
• Magnesium stearate
• Microcrystalline cellulose and
• Modified cornstarch

How Much Is Adrenosterone Needed?

Users can typically adopt three types of cycles, all of which present different results depending on other factors. Here are the options you may consider when purchasing this prohormone:
• 300mg for a cycle of 9 weeks
• 600mg for a cycle of 7 weeks
• 900mg for a cycle of 5 weeks

The larger the dose, the higher the chances of registering increased results, but low doses may produce little to no noticeable results in terms of muscle gains.