​Any experienced user of steroids knows that the effectiveness of any drug depends on its anabolic rating. Anavar, a highly regarded steroid, is known to be a higher performer because of its excellent anabolic score of 300. Theoretically, this means that its efficacy is three times that of testosterone. Its effectiveness can only be compared to Trenbolone and D-bol in terms of its ability to cause huge muscle mass. But do the numbers translate into the results? Well, no steroid works magic! While this may sound counter-intuitive to the general belief about steroids, it should be known that many factors come into play to realize more significant gains. This means you need to expect realistic gains when using Anavar for sale.


How Does it Perform on Mass Gaining?

As a derivative anabolic steroid, it causes the user on its cycle to make significant gains. However, it has not done better when it comes to realizing better bulking results over the longer term. This is perhaps the reason many people do not use it in a single cycle. Many people use it alongside other combinable steroids to help achieve desirable results. Unlike D-bol, Anavar has an extremely lower androgenic rating of 25, which is a downside when it comes to massive gains in mass. However, the good news is that it will help you put on lean and dry muscle mass compared to other steroids. This is because of the zero water retention that means pure muscle mass without water. In addition, you are better off since you are able to retain these smaller mass gains for longer. The reason many women prefer Anavar is because of its mild yet effective properties. 

How About Cutting?

A state of calorie deficit elicits a domino effect, which is responsible for rapid muscle loss. This means that you have difficulties maintaining your mass while at the same time creating more energy for your body. Thus, you will start to squander your hard-earned lean mass. This is what this steroid can help you overcome. Further, Oxandrolone will escalate the rate of fat loss, giving you lean muscle that enables you to achieve the physique you've been looking for.

Do You Make Great Strength Gains?

Perhaps this is the area Anavar doesn't perform very well. However, while you may not make huge gains in strength, you will be able to increase your ability to lift heavier loads. What's more, you will earn the ability to endure and recover much faster after workouts in addition to being able to push yourself to higher limits when working out.

Every drug that has anabolic or androgenic properties has the potential to cause side effects. Therefore, the hype that var is side-effect friendly is just a myth. The side effects depend on the understanding of the compound by the user and the way one minimizes the possible side effects.

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