Androstenedione: Unknown Health Facts For You To Know

‚ÄčAndrostenedione can increase the levels of testosterone in the body, but it is useful only at higher doses of up to 300mg. However, the risk would be that increasing testosterone levels also increase the levels of estradiol, a female hormone that may reverse the gains of the drug. Although no scientific evidence is available to support the claims that this compound boost libido and sexual performance, user reviews show that it may be useful in these aspects.

Who Should NOT use It?

Anyone that is hormone-sensitive, also if a person has any cancer or prostatic hyperplasia.

Drug Interactions and Caution

Users of Androstenedione supplements should not be mixed with estrogen-based drugs, estradiol or Ethinyl since this can cause excessive production of estrogen. Discuss with your physician if you are on a particular medication that may not work well with the supplement such as warfarin, which is an anticoagulant drug.

Dosage and Preparation

The dosage for this drug should be controlled by your physician since there's no scientifically published dose for users.

What to Watch Out for

Users should not confuse androstenedione with any other proprietary supplement available from online stores and other vendors and which trade as "andro." Some of these seemingly similar but different substances include DHEA and its forms such as 1-andro and 4-andro. Alternatives to this compound may consist of legal supplements such as fenugreek, creatine, and ubiquinone.