Why Atamestane Use Is Growing Fast

‚ÄčIt has shown through clinical trials to be a highly potent estrogenic compound, because of its ability to make the core hormones to be bio-available. It is the reason this compound is dominant compared to its equivalents on the market. Its estrogenic activity is believed to be higher than 5AD. Perhaps this is bad news for any users wishing to purchase this product to incorporate it into the bulking cycle. First, a high estrogenic activity means increased water retention, reduced sex drive, and slow production of natural testosterone hormone. The impact of these characteristics is that the process of aromatization is slowed dramatically, making it less likely to fight the androgenic effects of the steroid drug.

The frequent use of Atamestane is to help with weight gain, especially in animals, but its adoption for human consumption is growing fast. Studies show that combining this compound with sex hormones in a carefully stacked way can help restore the sexual strength of the user. However, the results are better if the mixture is stacked with non-aromatizing nandrolone, which is a precursor of trenbolone.

Veterinary tests have pointed to the evidence that methandriol guarantees massive strength gains. However, increased water retention could account for this strength. What's a plus for this compound is that it regenerates the production of estrogen, a hormone that is known for its wonders in muscle building. MAD as it is popularly known works by binding to the estrogen receptor located in the muscles to cause the growth effect.

How to Ensure Optimal Results

Considering that MAD is characterized by estrogenic activity, users should use it with caution to minimize the potential side effects of such compounds. Additionally, it should be stacked with appropriate testosterones such as Tren to help deal with the libido-lowering effect of MAD.