Best Prohormones On The Market Today

Prohormones are not hormones. Instead, they are precursors of hormones and compounds that convert into active hormones when in the body system. That means that all the hormones of your body also have a corresponding best prohormone. They are intended to be precursors of anabolic steroids that have similar effects and working mechanisms as those of testosterone hormones. A top prohormone is therefore taken to boost the availability of the already existing hormones in the body.

Best Legal Prohormones versus Anabolic Steroids

It is essential to understand that prohormones are indeed steroids, and not like steroids. In simple and understandable words, they are not a natural form of synthetic steroids. Having known this, they are, however, a weaker form of anabolic steroids. The significant and foremost difference between the two is that anabolic steroids are commonly illegal whereas prohormones are relatively legal, although this is highly dependent on your country's legal laws.

Prohormones are not as potent and effective as the most common anabolic steroids. That means that the side effects that are associated with anabolic steroids are limited. However, you can always go for the stronger anabolic steroids if the body can tolerate them. Pro hormones, on the other side, do have mild side effects that are always almost tolerable. Either way, you will still face nearly the same side effects, but in terms of results, anabolic steroids tend to edge their counterparts.

Benefits of Using Prohormones

Prohormones have a wide range of benefits that may include considerable gains in strength, muscle mass, and sex drive. The main benefits you can enjoy from taking prohormones are increased muscle mass, improved and ripped physique, chiseled masculine face, defined jawline, and growth of facial hair and beards. Other effects are a deeper voice, enhanced athletic performance, quick recovery from fatigue, and boosted sex drive. These benefits are almost the same as those associated with taking testosterone because as we have seen, prohormones are anabolic steroids.

Side Effects of Using Prohormones

Just like an anabolic steroid, the best pro hormone can cause a lot of devastating, although not always, side effects. There are ways in which these side effects can be made tolerable or minimized. On the contrary, it is so hard not to have these side effects even when the correct doses are administered, also when followed up by a post cycle therapy.

Typical side effects associated with prohormones include acne, water retention that leads to swelling, hypertension, swollen prostates, damage to the liver, hair loss, headaches, dizziness, and nausea.
Since prohormones are hepatoxic, effects on the liver may be toxic and fatal if not monitored. It is always recommended to cycle on and off the prohormones.

How to Reduce Prohormone Side Effects with Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy, PCT, is a critical stage and part of any cycle that deals with steroids. That is because, with time, these prohormones will alter your standard functions of the body by messing up with the production of natural hormones. It is for these reasons that the organization will need some back up to refrain from breaking down altogether. It would benefit if you were careful with the PCT to take because in some cases, the testosterone levels meaning you will need a PCT to safely lower these levels. It is, therefore, a vital requirement to undergo PCT to bring back the body to normal hormonal levels.

The Cost of Prohormones

A bottle of the best prohormone is affordable as you can find good prohormones for about $30-50. Many websites offer prohormones for sale. They are often combined in stacks depending on what purpose it is meant for. These products are usually sold in dry or wet forms. Wet piles are commonly used to increase muscle mass and bulking up. On the other side, baked products are used for strengthening muscle formation and toning them. There are also injectable prohormones, although they are to be used with caution to avoid adverse effects.

Who Should Not Take Prohormones?

Find a doctor or a physician recommending prohormones for anyone. Primarily, this steroid should not be used by people under the age of 21. Pregnant women have been advised to shun away from steroids for the effects that could be manifested in the child as a still or stunted birth.

So, just like any other steroid, the effects of these prohormones do not last forever. After taking the steroid, your body will go back to the old ways of producing natural hormones, if you are lucky. The decision on whether use prohormones is entirely the users depending on how it reacts with the body.

4 Of The Top Prohormones Ideal For Strength Gaining

Prohormones are relatively new bodybuilding supplements compared to anabolic steroids. They offer the same results as anabolic steroids but with many unique benefits as a result of their unique traits. Unlike steroids that work by causing an imbalance in the body, prohormones work side by side with natural enzymes to enhance mass, strength, and fat loss. The best prohormones work by converting into active anabolic compounds. Which then initiates different activities in the muscle cells resulting in the positive effects. That includes accelerated recovery, strength and endurance gains, lean mass gains, and enhanced athletic performance. Important to note that different best pro hormones have their unique benefits and drawbacks due to the way they interact with the receptors. Some of the highest typical prohormones for purchase include:


The popularity of Dimethazine among athletes who find top prohormones is mainly because of its powerful ability to offer superb vascularity and cuts when used alone or stacked with other supplements. Another trait that makes it accessible is oral availability with very minimal chances of causing progestational and estrogenic activities. Experts also claim that it is more potent than some of the comparable injectable steroids. When the right Dimethazine cutting cycle is followed, you can expect gains of up to 9 pounds of lean muscle mass and up to 2 percent fat loss. For bulking, you can achieve profits of up to 16 pounds of lean muscle mass. When used for body re-composition, you can expect benefits of up to 6 pounds of lean mass and up to 2 percent reduction of fat in a cycle.


Epistane is another orally available prohormone that is highly potent in setting off massive mass gains and strength gains. Another trait that makes Epistane popular among bodybuilders who find great prohormones is the fact it is proven that it does not cause estrogen effects and has minimal aromatizing effect when used in a proper cycle. The right Epistane cycle depends on your goal and ability to withstand the forces. That said, beginners are expected to start at 30mg daily while intermediate and experienced users can start with 40mg and 50mg respectively in a 4-week cycle.


Halodrol is ideal when you are looking for the best prohormone on the market with an exceptional ability to promote muscle mass growth and strength gains. It works by activating reactions in the muscle cells that cause increased protein production and synthesis resulting in muscle mass gains. Although it is familiar with bodybuilders, Halodrol is increasingly becoming the ideal cutting pro hormone for its ability to offer flatter and more muscular abdominal muscles. Users have also claimed that cycling Halodrol has helped them attain high-quality dry gains with very minimal water retention. When Halodrol is used in a 5-week bulking cycle, users have reported achieving benefits of between 10 and 15 pounds of lean mass. When used for cutting, users have been able to gain up to 5 pounds of muscle mass and up to 4 percent body fat reduction.


Superdrol is a highly talked about as the best prohormone for its super ability to increase mass and strength. It is similar to the powerful Masteron steroid but without the ester chain, which explains its massive muscle building power. When Superdrol is cycled for bulking, you can expect gains of up to 30 pounds of lean muscle mass after only four weeks. However, its fantastic ability is more evident in strength enhancement where users report gains of as much as 25 percent after only two weeks.

Best Prohormone Conclusion

Although the best prohormones on the market are considered safer than most muscle-building agents on the market, you should always remember that the side effects are likely. Therefore, you should include supplements that can offset the side effects caused by the prohormone.