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​The Amazing History Of Superdrol, A Must-Read

Of all anabolic steroid hormones, Superdrol has the most unique and exciting history. It was created at the same time as other steroids were in a laboratory that the US Government had authorized to produce steroids for US Olympic athletes!

Always in the background, this steroid was available over the counter for years. Yes, for nearly 50 years. No prescription was needed, and no one cared. No one noticed that this was a full-blown anabolic steroid hormone. Walk into their local pharmacy store and ​get the best Superdrol without a prescription. Imagine that. There it was, a full-blown anabolic steroid, available to the public at large.

It was not a mistake, and it was not a fluke that only lasted a while. It lasted from 1959 until 2006! So, we know that people found a lot of Superdrol, right there on the shelf of your local drug stores.

But what happened? And the answer is extraordinary. Suddenly, the people in the United States jumped on an anti-steroid bandwagon, wanting to illegalize all steroids for every which use there was.

In 1988, in the Olympics, a Canadian runner won several gold medals, and his decorations were taken away from him because they found, of all things, steroids in his system.  Throughout the 1980s and 1990s and afterward, steroids kept making the news, and laws were being passed to get rid of them. Superdrol escaped notice, and laughably, was still available on the shelves of your local drug store. These people who were condemning steroids had no idea that the steak they ate last night. That lean, fat-free steak --- was brought to them courtesy of, you guessed it, steroids fed to cattle. Trenbolone, one of the bodybuilders' favorites, was condemned and made illegal. But not for the livestock industry. It is still used today.

Top Superdrol was surprisingly available until 2012! No one seemed to notice that this steroid, this full-blown anabolic steroid, was right there on the shelves for anyone to buy. That, and that alone makes this steroid very, very special.

This steroid has some exceptional properties as well, but as far as steroids go, it is not very phenomenal at all, other than its history.  It builds muscle mass and can be described as an 'all body' steroid for just about anybody. It burns fat and builds muscle all over, not only in the worked muscles at all.

Bodybuilder uses it as a cutting steroid, while athletes use it to enhance performance.

This anabolic steroid hormone has some side effects.  Gynecomastia, the growing of female-like breasts by men, is not one of them. Nor is water retention, like with several steroids.

Women should not take this steroid, or they should not take it after the side effects show up. Body hair, deepening of the voice, is the side effects. They will need to cease when any of these start to show up.

Male side effects can be dealt with by taking anti-estrogen steroids, or by the cessation of the use of this steroid for a while.