Boldione For More Muscle Mass!

Boldione (or 1,4-androstadiene-3,17-dione) is perhaps one of the revolutionary developments in the supplements industry that people are looking forward to in the coming years. As a direct precursor to the anabolics, Androstadiene-3 is a high oral bioavailable product that is comparably better than its competitors. For people who are new to this anabolic steroid, it is worth noting that it is available in injectable form. It is a testosterone derivative featuring potent anabolic activity with low androgenic properties.

From its name, it is a form of boldione that gets activated in the body with the help of a dehydrogenase enzyme that is known to change androstenedione to active testosterone. Boldione is undoubtedly an advanced anabolic prohormone with high potency that features many unquestionably incredible benefits to users.

Boldione is arguably the most active oral prohormone ever to be released to the market. Remember that the reason many people are cautious about prohormones is the fact that a majority are not orally bioavailable to the extent that they cause liver problems. On the other hand, the liver can work on natural steroid hormones. It is the basis on which boldione works to allow for efficient utilization of the testosterone properties. When taken orally, this compound can help users deal with the downsides of anabolic steroids.

Boldione converts easily to estrogen at a rate that is approximately half that of other compounds such as androstenedione and testosterone. It indicates that it can significantly decrease the amount of estrogen and subsequently its effects such as reduced water retention, body fat, and more.