Clenbuterol Cycle Secrets

Clenbuterol cycles are a popular way to gain mass and strength quickly. However, some secrets can help you to get those results even faster, seeing a significant change in the mirror and the weight room. Here are four expert secrets that can change the way you train and gain with Clen cycles.

You can diminish some of the unwanted side effects of a Clen cycle.

Clenbuterol stacks can hit some users pretty hard, and if you plan on starting a cycle, you will want to have some support around you. Some builders take taurine in a 3mg-5mg dose daily, a substance that is depleted in the body when on Clen. Magnesium and potassium can be helpful too. Drink plenty of water as well to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated or suffering muscle cramps due to potassium depletion.

A taper can help to lessen the shock your body goes through when you stop Clen.

Not all builders will do a taper, but some find that coming off of Clen with a taper can make the withdrawal more manageable. It is not necessary, but it is a personal choice that every builder will have to prepare for themselves.

Clenbuterol cycle can be high for women too, and its main perk for females is that it can help you to lose significant weight.

Hollywood has become almost synonymous with using Clen to melt fat away to look better on the red carpet. Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, and Madonna have all been known to turn to Clen cycles to see a significant drop in weight before their tours or significant events. Lindsey Lohan also used Clen, but at that time it worked a little too well for her, and she dropped down to an unhealthy weight.

There are certain drugs that you can use during your two weeks off Clen, and they can help to maximize your results.

Xenadrine is a favorite supplement among lifters during their "two weeks off period." This supplement can help you to hold on to lean muscle mass while also blasting away stubborn fat. However, the building community is split on this one as this drug also touches your b2 receptors, and those may need to be clean before your upcoming two weeks on. Again, it is a personal choice, and you have to research to see what works or does not work for you.

Clen cycles are a great way to see significant changes in the mirror and the weight room. A little extra behind the scenes work can speed things along, helping you to get the pay off for your hard work in record time.