Dianabol Cycle For Strength

Methandrostenolone cycle is commonly known by its trade name Dianabol cycle and is a synthetic derivative of Testosterone that is methylated. This steroid has been used for many years for its significant anabolic effects on the body. It gives massive and rapid gains in terms of muscle mass. It increases the rate of glycogenolysis in the body, which provides the body with the energy it requires during the bulking cycles.  However, Methandrostenolone cycles are associated with many side effects, and for this reason, Dianabol is mainly used for a short duration in a cycle. It usually provides a jumpstart in the gains and paves the way for a slower acting steroid.

Due to the methylated nature of Dianabol, a Methandrostenolone cycle is associated with hepatic injury. That is especially true for the oral formulation which has to undergo first-pass metabolism in the liver, therefore putting a strain on hepatic cells. It causes hepatotoxicity. The earliest sign of this injury is an elevation in liver enzymes. However, some individuals, especially those who use it for long periods at high doses, may experience yellowing of the eyes, paleness of stools and dark urine as well as itchiness of the skin.

Dianabol stack exposes the body to high levels of exogenous Testosterone. High Testosterone in the body increases the rate of sebum production by sebaceous glands. The increased sebum leads to increased oil on the skin, and this creates a medium for proliferation of bacteria leading to acne. There is also increased balding in people who are genetically predisposed to male pattern balding. It is, however, limited to very high doses as the Dianabol metabolite does not have a high affinity for androgen receptors in the scalp. For women, masculinizing effects can be seen even with exposure to deficient levels of Dianabol. Women develop deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement as well as hirsutism.

Methandrostenolone cycles undergo aromatization to form Estrogen and Estradiol. It includes the development of gynecomastia as well as increased water retention and fat deposition in subcutaneous tissues. It then leads to increased blood pressure due to the increased water volume in the body, which also leads to a high blood volume. It is why it is recommended to use an Aromatase inhibitor during the cycle to prevent this conversion.

The most common side effect form Methandrostenolone cycles are the suppression of endogenous Testosterone production. The result is symptoms of low Testosterone, such as reduced libido and fatigue.

Instituting a post cycle therapy and using the Methandrostenolone cycles for recommended durations and at right doses is associated with fewer side effects.