A Robust Description Of Methandriol

Methylandrostenediol or its short name "Methandriol" is an anabolic steroid that is derivative of dihydrotestosterone. The drug comes as unesterified forms (Methylandrostenediol) and also in the way of esterified Methylandrostenediol Dipropionate. The latter is designed and administered in an injectable form. By adding the ester groups in the structure makes it last longer as a useful supplement in the body.

Structure of Methylandrostenediol

Methandriol substances have a C17-alkylated structure. Ideally, this compound is known to be a feature of weak anabolic and androgenic properties, but it has traces of estrogenic properties. The latter makes methandriol an inappropriate option for dieting. The good news is that it has mild side effects given its low androgenic rating. When it comes to bulking, this drug can be stacked with other steroids or SARMs since it is incredibly tolerant of other substances.

Historical Background

Methandriol was first created in the 1930s thus an old synthetic anabolic compound and has traded for many years under the Stenediol brands. It comes as an injectable form and oral pills, all of which are highly bio-available.


Its powerful tissue-formulation properties and amazing muscle-building properties make it a popular option in the sporting world. It has been supported by the fact that it can stimulate hormones responsible for tissue repair without having any adverse effects such as virilization. It is the reason it has been used for many years as a tissue-builder.