Methoxygonadiene: A Descriptive Review

Methoxygonadiene is designed to enhance the synthesis of levonorgestrel, which is a short-term oral contraceptive known to control the process of ovulation and implantation. It also serves to guarantee the consistency of the cervical mucus, control sperm penetration, and scale-up control of ovulation.

Methoxygonadiene Application

It is created to enhance the synthesis of protein and minimize the decomposition of amino acids in the body. It is also known to improve male sexual health by improving muscle hyperplasia and better blood flow. What's more, it is used to prevent chronic mas wasting diseases such as osteoporosis.

Here are some related blends of the compound that you may get on the market:
  • Rip Cut 175          175mg/ml
  • Tri Tre 180           180mg/ml
  • Equi Test 450      450mg/ml
  • Mass 500              500mg/ml
  • Tri Deca 300       300mg/ml
  • Supertest 450       450mg/ml

Users of this substance should expect rapid results within ten days after the first dose, and the results can be more noticeable after 4-5 weeks of use. However, the user is advised to be extremely keen on the dosages as higher doses than recommended can come with adverse side effects. As an estrogenic compound, Methoxygonadiene (Methoxydienone) is fully androgenic, meaning that it is not free of side effects. Besides suppressing the production of testosterone, it can cause male-related sexual characteristics among female users. Also, acne and heart-related complications may be experienced.