Buy Superdrol

​Superdrol is the brand name of an anabolic steroid. It carries the prohormone Methyldrostanolone. The bad news is that you can no longer buy the original Superdrol because it is no longer being manufactured.

Why ​Buy Superdrol?

When you want to add lean muscles, then this steroid will be a great help. Although it cannot promote serious muscle mass gains, it does add lean muscles to one's physique. This steroid is not only for bulking but can also be used when cutting down. Superdrol preserves your muscular tissues when you are on a caloric deficit. Therefore, your muscles remain protected while you burn away the fats.

Superdrol ​For ​Sale

You can easily buy Superdrol online, or rather the hormone Methyldrostanolone. Since the original Superdrol is no longer in circulation, you will see it under different brand names, but still carries the same hormone.

Countries where anabolic steroids are regulated

Like other anabolic steroids, Superdrol is a controlled substance, under law. It means that you can only buy it legally if you have a doctor's prescription; otherwise, the transaction is deemed illegal. If you live in Canada, the U.S., or the U.K., then you should be aware that Superdrol is a regulated drug. Violation of such law will make you liable for a fine, and you can even be imprisoned.

Countries where anabolic steroids are not regulated

Fortunately, there are states where you can order Superdrol without any legal issue. These states where anabolic steroids are not regulated are Iran, Greece, and Turkey, among others. The people who sell anabolic steroids online publicly usually come from these countries. Take note, however, that the place where you are also located matters. So, as long as you are in the U.S., you cannot safely purchase anabolic steroids without a doctor's prescription. Yes, even if you buy it from someone who is located in a country where steroids are not regulated.

Get a doctor's prescription.

There is nothing wrong about getting a doctor's prescription. After all, it is also highly recommended that you visit your doctor. Before, you take any steroids so that you will know the right dosage for your body. Take note that the recommended dosage that you often see online does not work for everyone.


Although you can no longer buy the original Superdrol, the market still offers many alternatives just as effective as the unique brand. Just be sure to avoid any legal complications. If all else fails, you might want to look into some legal steroids that have similar effects as Superdrol.

4 Reasons To Use Superdrol

Anyone who is into bodybuilding looks for ways to get ripped and get lean muscles. Sometimes, no matter how hard you push yourself and exercise, you will need to use some steroid supplements to maximize your gains. It is where Superdrol enters the picture and shows you that getting ripped and having more lean muscles are possible.

Lean muscle gains

Superdrol can help you add lean muscles to your frame. A gain of 15 lbs is not impossible with Superdrol. Its name echoes the name of another powerful steroid, Anadrol.

Lean tissue preservation

This steroid can protect and preserve your lean tissues. Therefore, when cutting down, you would not have to worry about losing your hard-earned muscles due to the caloric deficit. Usually, bodybuilders put on lots of muscles when bulking up, but face the dilemma of how to preserve the tissues once they start dieting. Superdrol solves this problem, which makes it an excellent steroid not only when bulking up, but also for a cutting cycle.

Improves recovery and endurance

It increases your rate of recovery, which will allow you to hit your muscles more times than usual. It, of course, facilitates muscle growth as new muscles are born with every tear that is recovered. What is more, Superdrol also boosts endurance, so you can train harder and do more exercises.

Get ripped

Superdrol does not only promote muscle gains or increase recovery rate and endurance, but it also develops metabolism. With an enhanced metabolism, your body will use more energy than usual, which aids in fat loss. With the overall benefits of this steroid, you will be able to exercise more and burn more. It is the best state to get that ripped physique you have always wanted.

Important note

Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase Superdrol in its original form. Any Superdrol on sale that you can see online-only offers a counterfeit product. It is because the original Superdol is no longer being manufactured. But, there are products in today's market that have similar effects as Superdrol, such as M-drop, Maxdrol, SD Extreme, and Superbolin, among others. These are also Superdrol but packaged in a slightly different look. So, if you are looking to order Superdrol, you can get any of these substitutes instead. Do not worry; although they are not the original Superdrol, they are also handy.

Discover The Truth About Superdrol

Some people claim that the product is legal, while others say that the product is illegal. The truth is that both sides of the debate have a point. Superdrol was once legal, but it no longer holds that status. In the year 2005, the product was approved by the FDA for sale over the counter as it was being marketed as a prohormone. At the time, the main ingredient of the product, Methyldrostanolone, was completely legal. The product was only classified as a banned substance in the year 2012. Once the FDA approved the sale of an anabolic steroid over the counter, sales skyrocketed, but the FDA was forced to declare it illegal a year later after public outcry. In the year 2006, Superdrol was banned.

Where to Buy Superdrol

When the product was banned, the only way that fitness enthusiasts could find Superdrol for purchase was on the black market. Today, you would have to work with a gym instructor or search the internet to find vendors with this anabolic steroid in their inventory.

Common Uses and Dosage

As an anabolic steroid, this product can be used in bulking and cutting cycles. It can also be used in testosterone replacement therapy since the product produces the same effects as natural testosterone. People who have experienced delayed puberty, as well as men over 30 years who have low T-levels, can use this product to ensure their bodies usually function.

The maximum dose a person can take per day is 30mg. The least amount that can be made with any meaningful results is just 10mg/day. When starting your bulking or cutting cycle, you can use 10mg of Superdrol per day during the first week. As you go into the second and third weeks, you can increase this dosage to 20mg/day, which should be split into two, 10mg to be taken in the morning and 10mg in the evening. When your cycle is a near end, you can increase your dosage to 30mg per day, and this should also be split into two or three doses.

Side Effects of Superdrol

Any anabolic steroid is bound to have side effects. One of them is usually testosterone suppression. It is because the body will not need to produce its testosterone because you already have enough from the steroid. Severe acne increased cholesterol, and heart disease is also common side effects.