S23 SARM: A Potent SARM For Bodybuilding

For people looking to lose fat while putting on dry muscle mass, S23 SARM could be worth a try. GTX pharmaceutical has been researching this compound to develop a SARM that can deliver the right results with fewer risks compared to its rival compounds. As with other SARMs, S23 binds to androgen receptors, so it's certainly not a steroid. By definition, S23 stimulates testosterone activity to promote bone growth and facilitate muscle strength. What makes this compound a preferred option is a fact that it helps them steer apparent prostate issues. Users use it, knowing that it won't make them prone to risks of prostate cancer.

Perhaps this could be the reason the drug is becoming increasingly popular among the bodybuilding industry. Besides being a handy option, the drug is safe for human beings. The only major downside of the compound could be its ability to reduce testosterone levels in the body, a condition that can be rectified by taking the right post-cycle therapy. What's more interesting about the SARM is that it has been tested on rats and found to cause temporary infertility among male rats.

Aside from many benefits for male users, female counterparts can benefit from it as well. For example, it can boost libido and prevent muscle wasting, especially among older women — off infertility by discontinuing the use of the SARM. What's discouraging is that it remains on the list of banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency, so professional athletes and bodybuilders won't be allowed to be on this drug.

How S-23 works

No doubt the S23 works correctly on muscle tissues to help cause an anabolic response in the targeted sites in the body. Unlike its rival steroid counterparts, the compound does not feature any severe side effects that one would fear.

How Beneficial is S-23?

Burning fat and Building Muscle: As a potent SARM, S23 is incredible in helping people burn excess body fat and achieve lean muscle mass very fast. It works the same way steroids do except that it neither has side effects nor stigma that comes with using steroids. Studies have strengthened the claims of individual users by verifying the ability of the compound to reduce an individual's fat. However, the rate of fat loss would depend on the dosages adopted by the users. It is assumed that the higher the dosage, the more fat an individual can lose. Users need to be careful about taking higher dosages since it may increase the risk of severe side effects. Also, the drug is easy to absorb in any of the forms (whether in pill or injection forms).

What's More about S23 SARM?

Generally speaking, S23 tends to suppress LH and FSH hormones, but this effect can be reversed on stopping the dosage.

Based on limited clinical studies conducted on male mice, S23 has been found to have a half-life of 11 hours (it can be as low as 4 hours in some cases). Also, it is easy for the body to absorb it with researchers indicating a rate of 96% by the body when taken in oral form.