Strength Prohormones – Your Way To Get Ultra Strong Body!

Prohormones are well known for their ability to enhance overall athletic performance, accelerate physical recovery, increase strength and endurance, and boost lean muscle mass development. They are the go-to supplements when you need noticeable results very quickly without putting your health in jeopardy. Prohormones act by attaching to specific receptors in the human body, which converts them to chemical compounds that trigger positive effects on the body tissues resulting in significant gains.

When taken alone, strength prohormones are known to offer fantastic strength increment in as few as two weeks and up to 30 pounds of lean muscle mass in as few as four weeks in the case of Superdrol. However, their effectiveness and ability are greatly enhanced when they are stacked together with other compounds. The best prohormone stack does not only maximize the benefits of individual compounds but also minimizes the adverse effects of different compounds. Mixing a compound that causes water retention with another that encourages dry hard muscle gains. Some of the prohormones for strength that can help you increase and quicken your bodybuilding results include:

Halodrol and Epistane

Epistane is one of the most potent compounds for lean muscle gains. It is also known to block estrogen and increase libido. Halodrol, on the other hand, is best for explosive strength and lean mass gains. Combining Halodrol and Epistane creates the best prohormone stack for athletes looking to shred down fat while still gaining lean muscle. The benefit of this stack is that it offers a perfect shredded beach body appearance. However, this stack should be accompanied by a post cycle that includes a liver cleansing agent and an anti-estrogen. The dosage for Halodrol should be limited to 50mg while that of Epistane should be between 30mg to 45mg per day in a 4-week cycle.

Halodrol and Dimethazine

Combining Halodrol and Dimethazine creates one of the best prohormone stacks ideal for athletes looking to get cut, shredded, vascular, and ripped. When Halodrol's ability for explosive strength gains and lean mass gains is put together with Dimethazine's knowledge for critical lean mass an strength gains without water retention, the outcome is incomparable to any other power gaining stack. However, this combination should be followed by a post cycle treatment that has an anti-estrogen and a liver cleansing agent. The best cycle for this stack should include 50mg daily Halodrol dose and 30mg daily DMZ dose for four weeks.

Epistane and Dimethazine

Epistane can also be combined with Dimethazine to create one of the best prohormone stacks for aesthetic purposes. Combining Epistane's ability for lean muscle gains, increasing libido and blocking estrogen with the zero water retention property as well as the explosive lean mass and strength gains offered by Dimethazine will change your physique in a short time. This stack should be accompanied by a post cycle treatment that should include an anti-estrogen and a liver cleansing agent. The best cycle should be run for four weeks with a daily dosage of between 30 and 45 for both Epistane and Dimethazine.


When formulating your best prohormones for strength, it is necessary to consider the dosage of the individual prohormone. Your tolerance to potential side effects, your age and history, post cycle therapy, and the benefit to cost ratio when different compounds are taken together. It is also essential to consider the duration of the cycle. The aim should be to maximize the benefits without increasing the risk.