Types Of Superdrol Cycles

Its chemical name Methasterone cycle also knows Superdrol. It is an orally active synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid that was manufactured as a designer steroid. It was made during an era of anabolic steroid control and was sold over the counter as a dietary supplement. Its toxic effects on the liver, Superdrol is used in cycles. A typical Superdrol cycle should be short as the severity of hepatotoxicity is dependent on the length of time it is used. As a rule of thumb, Superdrol cycles should not last longer than six weeks.

A break between Superdrol stacks allows time for the liver to return to normal to prevent permanence of the adverse side effects. During cycles, it has become a mainstay to stack it with a supplement that protects the liver against the side effects. Useful supplements for this are the N2Guard. That is a product with over 40 compounds that include various amino acids and antioxidants. N2Guard protects the liver from damage caused by Superdrol; it reduces the severity of water retention and lowers blood pressure. As a result, it reduces the increase of circulating low-density lipoproteins. It keeps the kidneys safe from the effects of a high protein diet and Superdrol metabolites, and finally, it keeps the androgen receptors clear for the next steroid cycle, to provide more binding sites.

Because of its fast start of work and quicker results, a Superdrol cycle is more beneficial for jump-starting gains. Like all oral steroids, it is absorbed fast into the circulation and works rapidly to increase the rate of muscle synthesis from proteins and a positive Nitrogen balance. It is used for the first 4 to 6 weeks of a bulking cycle after which an injectable steroid is introduced to take over.  For the bulking cycle, most users prefer to stack it with Deca Durabolin.

Superdrol stack can also be stacked with trenbolone for a cutting cycle. The usual dosage of Superdrol is 10 milligrams a day for beginners but for people who are not new to steroids, a dosage of 20 milligrams a day will suffice. The total daily dose should be used in divided doses because the half-life of Superdrol is usually 8 to 9 hours.  Like other oral steroids, Superdrol does not aromatize.

Superdrol should never be stacked with other oral anabolic steroids. That is because they create synergistic toxicity on the liver leading to more painful liver injury. Oral steroids are harder to breakdown by the liver, and as a result, they cause hepatic damage.