​This product was popularly marketed as a prohormone when it was first released on the market, but ideally, it is a steroid (known as Methasterone)---a powerful anabolic steroid that helped many people achieve quality and hard muscle mass in less than four weeks.


​What Users Need to Know about a Superdrol Cycle

Superdrol (or S-Drol as it is sometimes called) is a proprietary version of anabolic hormones known as Masteron. This is the reason it is taken in an oral form with the ability to result in more enormous muscle mass thanks to its high anabolic rating of 400. Surprisingly, the androgenic rating of Superdrol is 20, hence an excellent compound for enhancing the body's metabolic activity and increasing nitrogen retention. Essentially, these ratings mean good for users who are worried about the extreme androgenic side effects of other steroid compounds that compete it. The other good news is that this naturally designed hormone does not easily convert into estrogen, a characteristic that eliminates any chances of water retention. Therefore, users should expect to put on dry and better quality muscles. The ideal situation is that users are able to notice a significant increase in quality muscle mass in a 4-6-week cycle. It is the reason Superdrol is respected as one of the most effective steroids.

These top-notch and desirable properties make Superdrol for sale a potent and versatile steroid in both bodybuilding and sporting worlds. It is an excellent bulking steroid owing to its ability to give users more muscle in a matter of weeks. Therefore, it is effective when used as a standalone steroid. However, it is an excellent steroid when it comes to combing well with other steroids. This means you can stack it with other equally safe alternatives for better results.  If you are a beginner trying out different options, your search for a milder yet potent steroid stops with this option.

Possible Drawbacks of Superdrol

​Superdrol steroid is one of the safest alternatives to other effective yet risky steroids on the market. If you are prone to the effects of estrogen, you are going to find this steroid compound a better option since it does not exhibit any androgenic properties at all. Some of the worries this steroid takes away from you include water retention, gynecomastia (a condition leading to the formation of breast tissues). Therefore, you only record gains in weight and lean muscle mass stress and worry-free. However, like any other steroid, we may not rule out possibilities of side effects albeit mild. Some of the possible side effects: acne, aggression, and male baldness.

Excessive and more extended use of Superdrol may impact the natural production of testosterone. It is essential for both existing and potential future users to understand that while Superdrol is marketed as a reasonably safe and excellent steroid, it may carry specific side effects. Therefore, you may require a post cycle therapy upon stopping the usage of the steroid to help your body recover after the cycle.

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