Trendione: A Healthy Bodybuilding Prohormone

The prohormone world continues to undergo dangerous developments in terms of advancing the substances used in scaling the performance of users. One of the compounds that have received a lot of attention is Trenavar or Trendione as it is popularly known.

Trenavar Basic Info.:

Product Name: Trenavar

Trenavar is a popular prohormone that also trades as Trendione

Here are some of the features of the substance:

  • Melting Point of 140 centigrade
  • The density of 1.19 g/cm3
  • Color: Light yellow powder

Description of the drug

This is a prohormone to developed as a veterinary drug but later adopted by the bodybuilding professionals because of its immense ability to help with muscle strength and muscle mass.

How is Trenavar Applied

This prohormone occurs as a 2-chain bond with a structure similar to Trenbolone safe for the fact that it has 17-ketone whereas Tren has a 17b-hydroxy group. The latter is often hydrolyzed into an active form that works the same way tren works. Like all other prohormones, Trenavar is highly anabolic but comes with a lower androgenic rate. It means the compound is far mild compared to its competitors, making it a preferred substance by many athletes and bodybuilders. What's more, it is not injected as a steroid but instead converts into active testosterone once taken. It is what sets it apart from the rest, mainly because this mechanism reduces the severity of the compound on the liver and other organs such as the prostate.