YK11: What Everyone Need To Know Before Trying It

YK 11 has been the talk of many people, including amateur and professional bodybuilders concerning its incredible power to help with achieving more significant results. With it is physical or psychological gains, this product has been considered an extremely potent addition in a bodybuilder's plan. Many people may take this product to be an ordinary SARM, but a closer look at it would reveal that its mechanism is different. The side effects are mild compared to its cousins. In this article, we endeavor to explain the mechanisms of how it works, potential benefits, and potential risks.

The reason YK11 has received a lot of attention in the bodybuilding circles is the fact that it can help users achieve more significant muscle gains. Without worrying about the possible side effects that make people hate androgenic steroids.

How It Works to Help Realize Muscle Gains

A study conducted to determine the action of the compound revealed that it could increase muscle mass by stimulating the growth of follistatin, a popular protein for muscle growth. A different but similar study also found that the drug can cause increased bone-growth and health. People who've used this product agree that the drug is incredible in burning body fat while at the same time increasing lean muscle. There are no scientific studies that could verify the accuracy of the claims from bodybuilders.

Is Drug Legal?

Just like most SARMs, the World Anti-Doping Agency has banned YK11 in competitive championships in bodybuilding and athletics.

Is it a SARM?

Although the drug is called SARM, it is so because of the lack of better terminology. Some researchers say it is more of a myostatin inhibitor than an androgenic receptor modulator. Studies have shown that it exhibits discriminating effects on androgenic receptors. A clear indicator that it works differently from SARMs whose action does not feature any particular properties.

Mechanism of YK11

It features a synthetic structure similar to that of DHT in the manner in which it binds to androgen receptors. The DHT is produced by the body to help stimulate prostate health and ensure other men's characteristics, such as facial growth. Nevertheless, the drug would be a powerful and most potent if it were to be classified as a SARM. It is because it works by activating androgen receptors, a mechanism that causes androgenic catabolic activity. A cell study conducted established that the drug builds muscle by increasing the levels of follistatin, a naturally occurring protein that keeps myostatin in check. Of all the medicines, it's been found that YK11 is the only one capable of inhibiting myostatin from helping stimulate muscle and bone growth.

Benefits of YK 11

Increases Muscle Size

Although it is not a SARM, it has a fantastic ability that rivals S3 in terms of growing muscle's incredible ability to stimulate muscle growth. It works by increasing muscle cells and reducing myostatin, which is known to inhibit muscle growth. Evidence obtained from users points out the ability of the drug to reduce fat. It also increases lean muscle mass up to 15 pounds within a short time.

Stronger Bones

Sex hormones are a must for maintaining healthy and strong bones. Available evidence shows that YK11 binds itself to androgen receptors to cause stronger bones just the same way SARMs work.  Also, it can scale up the protein kinase B, which is essential in stimulating the growth of bone cells. It will be particularly essential for people who've advanced in age since age comes with reduced bone strength and joint problems.


Experts and those in bodybuilding who've used the drug recommend taking a dosage of 10-15 mg per day. While it looks a modest dosage, users report positive effects. You can cycle this drug for 4 to 8 weeks. You can also stack it with other effective SARMs. Split the dosage into smaller bits to ensure stability and to cautiously trade because it has no established half-life. The best SARM to stack with the drug are Andarine and RAD-140. Note that when stacking, you need to lower the dosage to as low as 5mg per day since it is a powerful companion.

What Are Potential Side Effects

Some of the risks with YK-11 include liver toxicity, problems of prostate and inhibiting hair growth. Wherever you decide to purchase it, it is worth keeping in mind the potential risks. Therefore, you need to take appropriate dosages to avoid adverse side effects.